Aug 9, 2018

Introducing: Fluidx’s New Creative Space

written by Barry
in category News

Sometimes, a change of environment is the key to inspiring creativity. After three years in our old studio, Fluidx has moved on to bigger and better things in a brand new location. This comes at the perfect time as Fluidx gets ready to embark on new opportunities, and enter a new era of services. We haven’t moved too far from our roots, though. In fact, you’ll find us just a few minutes away from our old space on Danks Street. After all, we’re proud to call ourselves suburban creatives.

We haven’t been in our new space for long, but we’re already loving the atmosphere. The studio reflects our love of clean minimalism, with white walls and an abundance of greenery. Not to mention it’s extremely open and spacious, perfect for letting all the creative ideas flow. Now that we’ve settled in, we’re excited to get stuck into all the exciting projects happening here at Fluidx, and can’t wait to share them.