May 27, 2019

Fluidx is expanding to Japan

written by Barry
in category News

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, it was only inevitable that Fluidx would start moving onto bigger and better things. Partnering with Invigoo Group, we’re proud to announce that Fluidx is now going global, and launching its services in Japan.


Our Creative Director and Founder Tri Do has assumed the position of Invigoo’s Chief Creative Officer, and is looking forward to the upcoming opportunities this partnership will bring. As he states, ‘Japan had always been in the radar, and with the partnership with Invigoo we are in a good position to introduce our services.’

Takatoshi Kamata, Invigoo’s CEO, is also optimistic about what the future holds for both companies. Having founded a former online shopping company in 2004, Taka has always been interested in cultivating the international market. He brings years of experience, as well as an extensive knowledge of the Japanese industry to the team. As he states, ‘In this era where changing of times go quickly, and businesses need to adapt to globalization, I strongly believe that Fluidx can be a big support for many Japanese businesses. So we partnered with Fluidx to launch the services even in Japan.’

With a number of exciting projects already well underway, it seems like the future can only get brighter for Fluidx. We look forward to further collaborating with Invigoo, and all the opportunities the partnership will bring.