Miele Experience


Fluidx was approached by Miele, a high-end domestic appliances brand, to streamline their website and improve its overall user experience. At the time, the company had two separate websites – one for booking demonstrations and cooking classes, and the other for generating recipes.


Finding the most effective way to include all the requests in a single, user-friendly site.


Miele Experience Website


Fluidx had the simple idea of creating the Miele Experience website, which combined Miele’s existing pages into one site. The new website featured Miele Experience centres across Australia and New Zealand. Also, rather than combining the main website and Miele Experience site together, Fluidx made each page relatable to one another.

Each Miele Experience centre page provides details of the centre trading hours and contact details, as well as upcoming demonstrations and cooking classes specific to that center. The page is also geo-located, allowing users to find the centre closest to them.

As for the recipes page, Fluidx took the step of integrating the demonstration booking system into the website. Each recipe’s page features a related demonstration, allowing users to book based on the appliance used for each dish.