Dosh is a designer men’s wallet brand, based in Sydney Australia. Dosh Brand approached Fluidx to revamp their entire website.


Dosh’s existing website was hard to navigate, and had a wide range of products that were uncategorised. In particular, revamping the entire website and understanding all the products without categories proved to be a challenge.

New website


Before the website was designed, Fluidx restructured the products into categories so that it was easier for customers to understand. Products were sorted into two simple categories, either Collection or Special Editions. Simple wallets belonged to Collection, while wallets that featured an extra component went to Special Edition.

A key feature of the new website is that each product page has its own unique look and feel.

In addition to price, product description and an ‘Add to Cart’ button, the page features a visual wireframe of the product, which includes measurements. This in-depth detail allows customers understand the product more.

For future reference, Fluidx also created Dosh’s style guide. Initially, 3D renders were being used instead of product photos. However, the new style guide informed the brand about how they should be taking photos.