Apr 20, 2015

Fluidx appoints Andrew Paras as General Manager

written by Barry
in category Press

After 12 long years of running Fluidx, Tri has decided to step away from Managing Director, and have appointed Andrew Paras as General Manager. Andrew will be responsible for the overall growth of the business and will continue building greater relationships with new & existing partnered agencies. Andrew Paras partnered with Tri on one of his growing businesses, MOKU Digital and has helped with Tri on Fluidx’s operations for the last 6 months.


Left – Right: Tri Do (Managing Director), Andrew Paras (General Manager)

Tri says “Fluidx has been gaining high volume of Digital Production work, and with Andrew’s Technical expertise, it was clear that the position fitted perfectly. This change, will take me out of Management so I can focus on other parts of the business such as Creative Direction & Strategy”

Andrew says “Assuming the position of General Manager at Fluidx is a big position to fill considering the high standards set by Tri and the rest of the team over the years. It’s a challenge I look forward to undertaking to maintain and even supersede those high standards. I anticipate much success working with the rest of the Fluidx team and with our existing and future business partners.”